Two Month Letter to My Girl

28 Mar

Sweet Kensi Girl-

TWO months already. It is hard to believe how fast time has FLOWN by.
You grow sweeter and sweeter each day. With each coo you make- my heart melts. It’s amazing and hard to believe how fast you have grown and how much you change daily.
You have so much more personality now. You are so, so, so alert when you are awake, although you still sleep all the time.
(please mom. no more pictures.  I’m just trying to sleep)

Your cheeks are getting chubbier and cuter- I just want to plant my lips on them 24/7. I can help but stare at you all day long. You are just so beautiful.

Your head and neck muscles are increasing in strength each day. Pretty soon, you’ll be sitting up in your bumbo by yourself.
You are getting better at sleeping through the night. Although, sometimes you still confuse us. You will sleep from 9-5 one night or 11-4 the next. Oh babies and sleep schedules….TOO confusing!
We have traveled a lot together. You’ve gone to cheer Savannah on at soccer games, traveled out to eat, and enjoyed shopping at the Williamsburg outlets!
(being burped by daddy at your first soccer game)
For your first Easter the weather was definitely NOT spring like. Mid 50’s and drizzly- but we still tried to get a family photo shoot in.
(thank you Timmy for the family photo bomb……)!
You also visited the Easter bunny at the Bass Pro Shops- you were awake and I think you enjoyed how snuggly she was. Easter bunny

Mommy tries really hard to not hold you all day long and get housework done….but it is just too hard to put you down sometimes.
You’ve outgrown preemie clothes and are finally fitting perfectly into newborn sized clothing.
Your faces. OH YOUR FACES.  You’re the most expressive baby I have seen.  Ever.
and….you love Starbucks. duh.
Look at how much I’ve grown!

DSCF0023 DSCF0035 DSCF0060

Weight: 8 lbs. 12 oz third-fifth percentile
Height: 21.5 inches

Let’s just sum up your two month check up in one word- ABSOLUTELYHORRIBLYAWFUL!
Hoping the four month goes better- those four shots are heartbreaking to watch!

(yes. I realize this is one month late. yes. I wrote this a month ago. and yes.  she is three months already. good thing I have a three month letter coming up. soon. )



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