35 Weeks

1 Jan

How far along? 35 Weeks (and 1 day)
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure since my last post. I go to the doctor again in two days…can’t wait to see my holiday weight gain number!
Maternity clothes? For the most part.  Mainly maternity pants….
Best moment this week: Everything! Baby nursery put together. Baby Shower! (more on those later)
Movement: All the time. Everywhere.  I think she is running out of room. QUICK!
Food cravings: Nada….chocolate occasionally….
Gender: PINK!
Labor Signs: Nope…FIVE MORE WEEKS.
Stretch marks? Yep…it’s okay.
What I miss: Feeling like I can get up from the couch/bed without rolling.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting little miss KAP
Weekly Wisdom: Small, early meals= NO heartburn 🙂
Milestones:  Making it this far…everyday is a milestone!

Week 34
34 Weeks

Week 35
35 Weeks

I’ll be back soon with a post on holiday and baby shower festivities.  I promise!



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