33 Weeks

21 Dec

How far along? 33 Weeks (and 4 days)
Total weight gain/loss: According to the doctor’s appointment last week…I lost another 1/2 pound….I can ASSURE you come the next appointment (Jan 3rd)- I will have gained wait.  Just watch….
Maternity clothes? Well today I have on size 6 Talbot’s dress pants. WOOHOO!! However- I did buy my first “complete” maternity outfit on Tuesday…and I’m not one to brag but it is BANGIN’. C’mon- PINK JEGGINGS!!!! Here’s a peek:

Best moment this week: Finally purchased paint for the nursery- it’s a shade of gray- by Olympic- Secret Passage (Zero VOC & low odor!)
Movement: Everywhere….she sure is a looooong baby & takes up a lot of room
Food cravings: Not so much.  Instead- I can never decide what I want to eat. It’s bad…..
Gender: Still girl- guess we will know for sure in SIX weeks!!!!!
Labor Signs: NONE!
Stretch marks? Sure.  Thankful for everyone one of them!
What I miss: Having energy.  Having nice skin.  WARM WEATHER.
What I am looking forward to: Staying home from work with KAP 🙂
Weekly Wisdom: It’s slightly harder to shop ALL day when (almost) 8.5 months pregnant….so when you get tired- rest! (and then start again…..) Also- don’t forget to HYDRATE & NOURISH that baby!
Milestones:  Still wearing non-preggo pants (is that a milestone?:))

And the only reason I know you guys read this blog…pictures!
photo (1)
32 Weeks

photo (4)
33 Weeks (seeee? there IS a belly now!)



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  1. Jennaaaaaaaaaa December 27, 2012 at 4:03 AM #

    I read this blog to find out what’s going in…duhhhh

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