28 Weeks

12 Nov

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  According to my doctors appointment last Thursday..I’ve lost 3 more pounds…so total weight loss: 12.5 pounds.  We will see what the “official” number is tomorrow at my 28 week appointment!
Maternity clothes? Still. Still haven’t gone shopping. Shopping is hard on bed rest.  Online clothing shopping just isn’t the same….
Sleep: Non-existent
Best moment this week: Reaching THIRD trimester!
Movement: NON. STOP.  This girl is a ROCK STAR.
Food cravings: Cinnamon rolls and pizza.  I think I could eat  (good) pizza every night.  Food aversions: meat.  I think KAP is a vegetarian.
Gender:  Still all girl as far as I know.
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks-but they don’t count.  No other signs.
Stretch marks? Small, tiny ones.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
What I miss: Wearing a belt with my pants.  The ability to wear high heels all the time without my feet hurting.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our sweet baby girl!
Weekly Wisdom: Drink water!
Milestones: In case you missed my earlier sentence….reaching the THIRD TRIMESTER! Only a little under three months to go 🙂



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