Drama Queen and Hokie Blues

10 Nov


Drama Queen. Not me! (I know what you guys were thinking!!)
Little KAP- causing quite a disturbance already. Diva.

From the beginning-
A little under two weeks ago (last Tuesday evening 10.30.12),  I began having a strange abdominal side pain.  It would come and go for the next week- always bearable, never excruciating.   Fast forward a week, Tuesday, I was MISERABLE.  I couldn’t eat.  Couldn’t drink.  Couldn’t move.  Seriously- I ate three bites of mashed potatoes all day.  The pain was now a consistent cramp- alternated with a sharp stabbing and a tightening that didn’t hurt (which I now know are Braxton Hicks- not painful, just uncomfortable); but I wasn’t bleeding, so I wasn’t super worried.
Thursday- I finally decided that I had had ENOUGH and called my primary doctor.  After two hours in his office we learned:
good news:  NO LABOR. PTL 🙂
bad news:  severely dehydrated.  I’d lost three more pounds.  I was still in pain and would have to go to the OB on Friday.
Friday- learned at OB:
-BP is normal (as usual)
-KAP’s hearbeat was 156
-the contractions will probably last until I go into real labor
-confirmed I was NOT in labor.
-I am on bed rest until my next appointment (next Tuesday) where they will re-evaluate whether to keep me off my feet or if I can resume my normal day to day routine.  The pains seem to get worse after I am walking or even just moving around a lot.

So my friends- I could complain about being on bed rest or in pain, but really? The news could have been SO much worse.  Praise the Lord for good news!
A friend asked how I would have felt if the news was not as good…my answer?

My Jesus is the same as He was yesterday.

He is mighty to save and all things are in His hands.

With that being said, still asking for prayers to feel slightly better and other things on my heart!

In other news…..
11.08.12. VT vs #8 Florida State. L 22-28.
The Hokie D played a FANTASTIC game- but in the end it’s the score that matters.  Only TWO more games left this year.  Where has the time gone??

So- this is what I’ll be doing today with the dogs- relaxing and enjoying a Saturday full of football and nothing.

Happy college football Saturday!




One Response to “Drama Queen and Hokie Blues”

  1. Jenna!! November 10, 2012 at 5:58 PM #

    Well, I for one am glad that you are okay!! And it could have been much worse, that is correct! But you have a great support system here for you! ❤

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